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Equine Reiki is Reiki for horses. This de stresses the horse and helps heal its physical or emotional injuries. Equine Reiki is helpful in case of the following problems -

Tendon injuries, ligament injuries, colic, spooking, emotional issues, anxiety, appetite loss, box walking, physical injuries, pre show nerves, competition stress, performance issues, owner - horse relationship etc.

Reiki has calming effect on the horses helping them to relax and settle in their surroundings.

It is observed that the horse owner/trainer too needs Reiki treatment to help better understanding/ bonding with each other.

Treatments to the horse can be given at their stable and to the owner/trainer at my healing space at Fatima Nagar.

Treatment session for horse - Timing for first session may vary - subsequent sessions of 45/60 minutes each.
Treatment session for owner/trainer - one hour each.



All discussions with clients will be kept strictly confidential. No physical contact is made to the face, throat, chest ( women ), genitals or any other area you may request.

Please note that all medical treatments the client is taking should be continued unless otherwise advised by your GP.