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Testimonials for Vibrant Energies

Here is what people who have experienced our healing have to say ..

All good wishes and lots of love from:

Mrs Mrunalini ( Shashitai ) Kirloskar Chief Guest
Geeta Subharam
Bharti Karnik
Madhavi Navale
Sunita Parab
Darshana Asher
Vaishali Dharmadikari
Harish Myadam
Milapchandji Khadiwala

Very nice clean place, holy atmosphere

Veena Sahasrabudhe

This is the need of the hour with so much stress around. Thank you for coming so close to usand show us how to heal and be vibrant.

Nice calm and quiet place. Good luck1

Sayee Dharne

Dream and achieve!

S. Subramanian

 I feel fresh and energetic after taking Reiki vibrations.

Bharti Karnik.

I felt very nice . I felt very happy and I thought that I went to a very quiet place. Very best of luck!

Amit Sandbhor Age 8 years

I felt very fresh and energetic and nice.All the best

Pushpa Agarwal

 I felt warm and calm

Shahina Sayyad

Very peaceful! I could feel the energy

Shree Kelkar

Very relaxing. De stressed me to a great extent

Menka Tangri

Very pleasant experience. Wish you best of luck!

SN Mandsorwala

It was very relaxing - took me to a deeper world. I was thought free for a while. I wish all the best to Vibrant!

Milind Hartalkar

 I was very much relaxed after a long long period. I needed it most. Thanks. I wish Vibrant all the best

Anjali Jaywant

It was very quiet, soothing feeling. Felt calm and relaxed. Felt something oozing out from the toes!

Hemant Godbole

It was a soothing experience. Very relaxing.

Hrudaya ( Tina ) Ahir

I am very happy and elated by experiencing this power. Very soothing and positive energy.

Sadhana Darooka

I experienced a lot of heat/energy being given to me, felt relieved and relaxed afterafter the Reiki shower.

Taher Attari

Felt better and good!

Mrs H. Attari

 Reiki is very beautiful and soothing experience. I wish all the best to you and thank Reiki and you for being so nice and kind.

Anju Bhatia

 I felt very good. It was a good experience and I want to learn it.

Pooja Thakur

I felt very good. I'm very happy. Feel very light - relaxed and comfortable. Thank you very very much!

Glory Oberai

Beyond comprehension. I have experienced Adi Shakti ( Primodial power of God ) today.

Dileep Limaye

 I felt very good - peace of mind and mental happiness. I went into oblivion and had a unique and energetic experience. All the best!

Anuradha Sandbhor

A place to experience a unique power in an extremely pure environment. Since your activity involves allevation of all physical and mental suffering of one and all, I extend to you Hiraji, Sudhaji and Anjaliji all the best wishes in your activity..

Amol Chaudhari

A unique and happy experience.

Satish Rathod

A very good and happy experience!

Rekha Rathod.

 It was a splendid experience. The man is going with no thoughts in the brain and nothing negative. We experience that we are in no mans land. So everything is very clear, clean and normal.

CG Maghoor

Learning about Reiki was an experience - the teaching was systematic - all along practical parallels were demonstrated and participated. I certainly felt the energies flowing from my palms. The best part is that from tomorrow I can start on self healing and also healing family members and friends. Thank you Hira and Anju.

Mrs Rajni Bahl. Reiki level 1 student.

I thank mam for teaching me Reiki. My experience was very good. I got very positive energies.

Mrs Rajkumari S Nagwani. Reiki level 1 student.

Learning Reiki was very good experience. I felt very good and I am thankful to my guru ( teacher ) for teaching me such wonderful Reiki. My mind has become fresh and I am feeling very relaxed.

Mrs Pooja Thakur. Reiki level 1 student.

Its been a wonderful day! I had several "Ah" moments, magical yet so real. Thank you for imparting such unique knowledge and introducing me to this infinite energy source. It was one of those " right place at right time " moments for me. Thank you for including me in your great karma!

Rashmi Y Bhagat. Reiki level 1 student.

It was a great day! Its good to know that I can help heal others. I got to learn a lot and am thankful to Mrs Hira Kelshikar for that. I will now cure my acidity problems with self healing. I am indeed very happy.

Mrs Madura M Bandiwadekar. Reiki level 1 student.

A lot of curiousity and doubts regarding Reiki were cleared today. The teaching style and method were very good - instructions given were very precise and simple and it was fun and easy to learn. On the physical level I feel very very calm and eager - on the mental level, I feel very light and happy. I want to learn  more and do further courses.

Mrs Rajani P Bhalwankar. Reiki level 1 student.

The experience of learning Reiki from Hira is extremely relaxing, refreshing and energising. We are really fortunate to join this group. My thanks to all Masters.

Shree Kelkar. Reiki level 1 student.

I felt very calm and now have the confidence that this peace and calmness will remain with me throughout life. I felt the happiness of living a fulfilled life. This moment is is so beautiful and God and the Universe has given me such a wonderful gift ( Reiki ) which I am taking with both hands. The mind is very happy and I am confident that this mental happiness will remain with me forever. We got to learn a lot - we learnt about mindfullness and how to live in the moment. Thank you very much.

Sunita Bhalwankar. Reiki level 1 student.

I could feel the energy vibrations mostly on my forehead and my eyes. It made me feel really calm yet energetic. I felt like never before. I hope to successfully practise Reiki and help heal near and dear ones.

Sayee Darne. Reiki level 1 student.

Its a great experience leading to a totally relaxed feeling. The Centre is thoughtfully appointed in every way to enable and enhance the feeling of calm and relaxation.
The Master Teachers were fully involved and facilitated the learning effectively.

Jyotsna Jamkhandi. Pune. 20/2/2011.

Todays experience taught me to be more positive about myself and LIFE in general. To learn to forgive and forget. Live for today as the saying goes. Do not take unnecessary tension and anger yourself for trivial matters. Always be humble and compassionate. Experiences of attunements and empowerments - heat has been generated, received and felt - it has been a stress buster.

Farhana S. Mukhi. Pune 20/2/2011.

When I learnt to give/take Reiki  - it was amazing! I feel energetic, relaxed and calm. Reiki is a powerful energy.
I was in 3rd world when I felt Reiki's energy. Thanks to Hira Mam.

Roshni Sujeet Pardeshi. Pune 20/2/2011.

I could not believe what I received today. It is hard to believe that Reiki is so powerful. It helped me release my worries and tensions. It totally relaxed me. I thank Hira Mam for all the attunements she gave. A new door has certainly opened for me today.

Sujeet Pardeshi Pune 20/2/2011. 

To start with the ambience of the center is very good. A competent teacher, Mrs Hira Kelshikar takes you to the very root of Reiki, tracing the history and how it helped to cure patients. After learning Reiki you feel energised and rejuvenated and want to do   it all over again. One should not miss it for anything else.

Mr V. V. Krisnamurthy. 26/2/2011.

After receiving Reiki Energy after attunements I feel a lot more calmer and relaxed - I feel very light, like a big weight is lifted off.... The experience of giving Reiki was also wonderful. I actually felt the warmth and the flow of energy..... It will be something I will keep and follow for life...
         Hira Aunty is a wonderful teacher - her attunements made me feel relaxed and centered with myself. Vibrant is a lovely place to learn and practice Reiki and meditation. The atmosphere is great and the place is very clean and well maintained. Lunch and snacks were provided which were great...The caring and loving attitude of Hira Aunty and her team was like icing on the cake.... All in all a great experience.....Looking forward to be back real soon!

Arwa Shaherwala 26/2/2011.

The teachers are very good and teaching was excellent.... During the practice session, when I received Reiki, I felt very relaxed and calm and my mind was free of any botherations.

Laxman Majhee

 It was really a very pleasant experience to receive Reiki treatment and learn Reiki at Vibrant Energies run by Hira Kelshikar along with  Anju and Sudha. I learnt a lot about Reiki treatment, receiving and giving Reiki. I really felt the effect of Reiki, as a layman, in terms of heat sensation in my hand and body.

V. Sriniwasan, Director ( Retd ) Indian Meteorological Service, Govt of India. Age 82 years.

Nice organisation for learning Reiki. I am very much thankful to Vibrant Energies for the hospitality extended to our batch of four and the total devotion in teaching us the theory and practical aspects of Reiki. Thank you once again Hira Madam and her colleagues at Vibrant Energies.

Mr Pradeep P Chitnis. 2/3/2011.

It was great to be here at Vibrant Energies. Nice centre which gives you really positive energies. Reiki helps us exploring ourselves. I felt so calm and peaceful when I was receiving attunements from Hira Mam.... While giving and receiving Reiki to my partner I felt energy surrounding my body.... Thanks to Hira Mam, Anju Mam and Sudha Mam for providing such good Reiki Level 1 course.

Ruchi Dhing. 2/3/2011.

 Doing the Reiki course has been a wonderful experience. The teachers have been so helpful in making us experience the energies of Reiki. The feeling of calmness is now there. I can now help my near and dear ones to feel better and can treat myself..... Vibrant Energies has really invoked in me the vibrance of energies around us. Thank you VE.

Riddhi Soparkar. 2/3/2011.

I first learnt the art of Reiki in 2001 but somehow it never interested me and I left it at that point. About a year and half ago, my husband remarked that I had a lot of heat coming out of my hands and feet and at that point I realised that it was my body giving off excess energy. I then decided to persue it further and started practising self Reiki and also on my family. My practice was based on what I was taught earlier. Today I have taken attunements again at Vibrant Energies and my experience was a whole world different from my first one.Not only has my knowledge of Reiki and its history increased but I was so impressed by the quality of teaching by Mrs Hira Kelshikar.I also realised through the guidance of Sudha Mam that a lot of things that I did earlier and thought were mistakes were actually the healing being complete.
I thank you Vibrant Energies and my mother Mrs Anjali Bhagat for reintroducing me to this wonderful art of healing...

Radhika Sethi. 2/3/2011.

I felt calm, more relaxed and a good feeling that came from within me. I went through a journey that was so beautiful with lots of different experiences in my soul. Masters were too good. After learning Reiki I feel totally transformed! 

Kiran Saharan  6/3/2011.

  I feel very calm and quiet. I will do my Reiki practice and will try to do Reiki level 2 too. There is plenty of positive energy in the room. The many Gods in the room are all working for Hira and Anju Mam. I wish them all the best. Reiki is live like yoga and I will do it.

Veena Saharabuddhe, Yoga Master, Founder Yog Sadhana, Pune. 6/3/2011.

It's an unbelievable experience- I could never have dreamt of! Hira and Anju Mam both look calm and lovely. They made us feel very comfortable - it felt like a Mom and daughter relationship. I felt a lot of spiritual energy in this room.

Namrata Singh Rathore. 6/3/2011.

Had a wonderful time! To be quite honest I was skeptical going into the course. I did not know what I would feel, but when I started feeling the energies - it was a WOW! feeling that this actually works. I am really excited to put what I learnt today into practice and develop more sensivity to the energies.The biggest thing that stood out was practising Mindfullness - a big lesson!  Hira and Anju Mam were awesome teachers. Everything from the environment of the room, the lunch, the coffee, and the temperature of the room were perfect.
I have immense gratitude for what I learnt today. Thank you with all my heart. Much love,

Tasneem Attari Sachee. 6/3/2011.

Amazing experience! Truely awesome feeling! Hira kaki's teaching methods are very interesting and integration of the practical and theoretical part is perfect.

Radhika Sethi Reiki Level 2 class. 8/3/2011.

 I am grateful to Mrs Hira Kelshikar for initiating me into the II degree Reiki. It has been a fruitful and satisfying course.

Snehal Laud Reiki Level 2 class 8/3/2011.

The symbols in Reiki Level II make the experience of learning a unique one. Trying to experience different types of energiesis pleasing as well as giving a lot of heat and warmth. I think I have become more sensitive to the energies of Reiki and I am indeed fortunate to have undertaken this journey with my good friend and guide, Hira.
Thank you, Hira.

Sudha. - on her experience of taking attunements and empowerments from Vibrant Energies as taught by Reiki Evolution UK.  8/3/2011.

  Class was excellent, attunements were very strong - I had a vision of Shiva - felt bodyless, later on very peaceful and calm. Though it was a full day, I felt fresh and energetic! A wonderful experience!

Anjali Bhagat Reiki Master Teacher - on her experience of taking attunements and empowerments from Vibrant Energies as taught by Reiki Evolution UK. 8/3/2011.

The course was very well designed and executed. Sharing and writing experiences was very well conducted. Hira did the entire course very well helped by both Sudha and Anju.I would definately like to do further courses.

Sandhya Katti. Reiki level 1.

I feel very light in my body. I feel very good today. My mind feels very peaceful!

Rinku Bhatt. Reiki level 1.

Hira, You are real good Guru to spread good Universal energy. It feels so good to learn the basics of Reiki from you. I have no words to express my feelings today. I feel so peaceful, quiet and calm. The positive energy has started flowing through my mind and thoughts. I am really very happy to reconnect our old friendship in this way. I will keep up the practice. Thanks a lot for all the help and support. With lots of love and affection.

Sheila Padte. Reiki level 1. ( Mumbai )

 I never believed in positive energy but after attending Reiki level 1 course, I started believing there exists positive energy and we can very well get positive energy and heal others too. I am thankful to Hira Mam for her her directions towards the right path. Miles to achieve...... Be positive, Act positive, Think positive!

Mr Shyam Muthiah Reiki level 1.

It was a very joyful and happy experience. I feel so charged and uplifted. I had been wanting to learn Reiki for some time now, but perhaps I had to wait for a very sincere and spiritual teacher  - Hira Kelshikar!
I feel very energised and very positive. Shyam, my teammate had very good vibes and it made it easier to feel the energy and know that we could heal ourselves and others in a very practical way.
My feet which were hurting a lot when I came in feel relaxed and good. I am grateful for having learnt Reiki from a good human being.

Odette Viegas.

I feel completely energised and rejuvenated. After receiving the first attunement there was tingling in my cells and a burning sensation initially that later disappeared. Learning to give Reiki makes me feel powerful as now I have the power to heal. Very helpful, very powerful! All in all, Awesome!

Mrinali Rochlani

The day was very relaxing and I felt a lot more grounded by the end of it. All the 3 teachers were very warm, lovely and friendly. Got a lot to take back! Overall a very positive and uplifting experience.

Toshina Rochlani

I felt very relaxed and energetic. I released all my tensions and pain. Now I am feeling really good! Thanks!

Debahuti Panda

I really felt lighter after the course. It has been a beautiful experience for me. Hira has made the whole experience so nice and simple for us. I would love to be associated with her and her team. Thank you. Keep up the good work!

Pratibha Mohan

I felt very much relaxed. An amazing journey for me has begun. Feeling energetic and focussed and connected to my inner thoughts and energies. Really speaking - charged up!

Saleema Sayyed

First of all "Thank you". It was beautiful - to use the right word. No doubt you as people and the set up is very blissful. But I think what made the experience more blissful was the love and feeling you obviously put into it.
Giving in any form in this world is a marvellous miracle capable of divine good. What you people  practice and spread is the art of giving itself making the goodness of it manifold starting from what you give to us & then further what we become capable of giving.
With best wishes and lots of love - Thank you!

Neha Mehta

Well it is a wonderful experience in itself. I had been wanting to learn Reiki from last 3 years but some how it never materialised. Finally it did and I'm glad that I have such wonderful teachers like Hira Mam and Sudha. Hira is a phenomenal teacher and the day flew by without us realising it. I would love to share the experience with my friends and      I promise to continue practising. Thank you very much!  Luv you!

Shalini Shivnani

Learning Reiki was a wonderful experience! Madam Hira Kelshikar explained and taught it very nicely with all the experience in this field. We are all now very confident to          practise Reiki.

Mr. M D Naik.

For the first 4 attunements I felt very comfortable and fresh. For the last 2 my head felt heavy and I had a back pain. At the end of the day, I felt very comfortable and no no backache or headache.

Mr. S N Nimbalkar from Ahmednagar.

It was a wonderful experience. Feeling very stress free and empowered. The way Reiki was taught and explained was very detailed. I thank Hira Aunty and Sudha Aunty for sharing this wonderful experience with us.

Mansi Jain.

 I felt calm, composed, lightheaded and felt the energy flow while receiving the attunements. I really thank Hira Aunty for the precious gift she has passed on to me. While receiving and giving Reiki, I really felt connected to the Universal energy.

Apoorva Naik.

The overall experience was very good. I could see a lot of positivity coming in myself and feel more confident. Initially it was difficult to concentrate but with each session it improved more and more. At the end you completely feel like a changed person. Learning with Mrs Hira was also fun. Looking forward to more such meetings. Thank you.

Arnavaz A Izedyar.

Regarding attunements I am very happy to know that my chakras are activated and and now I am part of the Universal healers group. While I was receiving attunements there was a feel good factor. Today was my first day when I gave Reiki to some one else. The feeling was good and satisfying. Even while receiving Reiki I felt the the strongest of energies so far. I would like to be associated with Reiki and the practitioners who taught me. I would like to thank Hira Mam for being my guide into this new journey of Reiki.

Shubham Saxena.

While taking the attunements I felt the first two  bit painful and had heaviness in the head.  The later ones were very pleasing. While giving Reiki in the practice session, I could feel the energy flowing out of my hands and could identify some points that were absorbing more energy. taking Reiki was a soothing experience. I could feel more energy on my head, feet and hands. My chronic backache also subsided.  Getting a chance to learn from such experienced and knowledgeable Masters at Vibrant was really a very good experience. The experience of such strong energies was mesmerizing.

Shikha Singhal.

The overall session was very good. I feel relaxed after this session. I have felt good energy in terms of heat and light. My pain is nearly gone. It is very pleasant to learn Reiki. After coming to Vibrant Energies Reiki healing class, I felt very good energies around me. I felt freshness. It was a very good experience learning Reiki with Hira.

Hardik Shah.

 It was an excellent experience learning Reiki 2nd degree.  You feel more energetic and away from worries. There is a marked change in your attitude towards yourself and towards others negative thoughts. All my negative thoughts have vanished - thanks to Reiki and my guru Master Hira.

 Pooja Thakur.

A beautiful experience. The feeling that I had forgotten myself remained with myself throughout the day. I felt a lot of peace. I am so overwhelmed with the experience of learning Reiki 2nd degree that I am speechless.

Rajani Bhalwankar.

It was very nice to know about and learn Reiki. It felt lovely to give and receive Reiki. I love to feel the energy in my hands.

Tushrima Kelshikar Age 11 years.

Spiritual healing is effective and free of medicines and side effects. I think that is the best part of Reiki. Its great to know that you can heal yourself, family and friends. Overall I feel its a very good experience and worth learning. Thanks to my teacher Hira, I enjoyed it.

Parul Kelshikar

About the learning experience -  a balanced mix of concepts and practicals, a modest pace of training ( neither fast nor slow ), good examples, overall a very enriching experience in a pleasant environment.
About the teacher - Takes through the whole session in a very relaxed ( non pushing ), story telling manner, communicates and connects effectively, has sound knowledge and strong comittment towards imparting training.
I sincerely appreciate the opportunity of learning Reiki 1st degree ( especially with the family ) from Hira Kelshikar. I am also thankful to Anjali Bhagat for being involved with the practicals.

Vilas Kelshikar

Simply amazing. I'm speechless. An experience of a life time!

Mr Pawandeep Singh Jolly.

Reiki was taught thoroughly. It was a very genuine course.  While learning Reiki, I realised the presence and functioning of Reiki.

Mr MD Telharkar.

From the time I entered Vibrant Energies Healing Centre till I reached home I felt very peaceful - it was as if I had found the peace and contenment I was looking for.
The Centre is very peaceful, beautiful and cool. I have realised that my self confidence has increased and could feel the vibrations while giving and receiving Reiki during the practice sessions. i am thankful to  the teachers - their touch itself has given me so much that it is difficult to express in words. Thank you.

Mrs Jayshree Deshpande.

I felt the atmosphere very peaceful and happy. After taking the attunements I  my body felt very light and happy. I felt happy to learn something new - a new energy. Since I am a school teacher, I know that Reiki will be very useful to me. I thank all the teachers.

Mrs Shradha Joshi.